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Chimney Repair in Providence

Products and Services

  • Safety Inspections: Before Casey's begins any work on your chimney, we perform a full safety inspection to assess the condition of your chimney and the adherence of all Rhode Island fire codes. Your inspection will start at the top of your chimney and end, in most cases, in your basement where your chimney starts. We are looking for: Fire extinguishers, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, fire escape plan, brickwork, mortar, flue integrity, flashing, crown wash, chimney cap/spark arrestor. Once we inspect your chimney, we move on to your fireplace or wood stove heating appliance. Here, we are looking at: Hearth protection, firebox, ash container, smoke chamber, damper, spark screen/doors, stove pipe condition, stove gasketing, installation/thimble/clearances. At the conclusion of your inspection, the customer is given a safety inspection sheet to review. It is important to note that most insurance company's now require a yearly safety inspection of heating appliances.
  • Cleaning: Casey's offers full service cleanings for your gas, oil, wood stove and fireplace flues. We use state of the art equipment which guarantees no mess, and a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. We also clean dryer vents.
  • Installation of: Chimney caps/spark arrestor, dampers, chimney liners, and clean-out doors, and non-masonry chimneys. If provided by the customer, Casey's will install fireplace screens/doors, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers.
  • Build and re-build:
    • All types of masonry chimneys.
    • Fireplaces indoor and outdoor.
  • Repairs of all kinds including: dampers, liners (when possible), woodstoves, crowns, flashing, etc.. Please note that Casey's will make every attempt to repair rather than replace equipment. That damper that hasn't worked for you in years may just need a spring or screw!
  • Flashing or re-flashing around the base of your chimney.
  • Pointing of all kinds.

Note: Links above refer to our glossary page for definitions of the above terms, or our office staff will be glad to help explain them to you.

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